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  • Hey just registered today, was looking through formums and didnt see too much i could add any valuable information to, im sure ill post more once im not just stalling on college work and get more than 2 games for ps3

    Little something that i havnt seen of formums but some people may find intersting, if you end up horizontal lines coming down from the top of your tv when you are playing a ps3 game you can fix this problem by unpluging your cable. I actually traded in my frist ps3 before trying this because my sec one did it too.

    Sorry for really long post :bag:
  • That's a very interesting little fact there Gladius. Welcome to Absolute Playstation!

    Don't worry about not having much to say. Usually you can camp out around the Jokes area or the General Discussions. That is where I first started posting when I was new.

    If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me or one of the other STAFF members and we will do our absolute best to find you an answer.

    So what two games do you have for your PS3? What is your favorite gaming genre? Hope to hear from you a lot more! Happy posting!;)
  • Ya it is intersting expecially since i have seen the same thing on some you tube videos. Thanks for the replay. Well two games i have right now are call of duty 3 and oblivion, I really like oblivion except for the draw distance problem i described in the problem sections.

    Personaly i like most types of games as long as there well done except for skateboarding and wrestling games.
  • ya, here is a you tube link of what i was seing in case anyone reconizes the problem, i dont want to be doing your guy's job lol but this frustarted me enought to go exchange my ps3 only to have it happen a second time

    YouTube - Oblivion money glitch for PS3

    you might not see it clearly at first since it is most visbible in the sky at night, but you can clearly see it when the first loading screen pops up
  • i had Oblivion on the Xbxo360, there was a few glitches with that but it was due to the Tv, some old tv's are rubish wit the new graphics as now you se more people gettin HDTV's which you dont get any problems with tv glitches etc,. might need to upgrade your tv fella. and enjoy the graphics :D

    Welcome btw