• can you get a motorbike on d2??????
  • A simple answer to this one samcar..... NO!!!

    Have you ever seen a motorbike on Driver 2? Well i haven't. And i've never heard of a motorbike cheat either. Like the gun and airplane cheat, it's fake. Doesn't work. Absolute Rubbish (you get the point ;))
  • yeah thear is all kinds of rumers like a tank on driver2 but thay are all just rumers
  • No there is no motor bike that you can get,it is just a stupid rumor that is not true.I have been this game for God knows how many hours,and there are no motor bike cheats that are true.
  • [b][i]Its another humor dont believe it when it is not
  • It's just that my friend at school told me and I didn't think it was true but I was just checking.......
  • Just to check if he is not joking borrow his save game and see it for your self O.K