The New 'Compact' PS2.
  • Well this intrigues me.......:)
    I love all the new features you guys explained, but there's one in particular i'm equally excited and confused about.......
    ........."A built-in power supply".........
    Now what does that actually mean, (I know i sound dumb:rolleyes: ). To my understanding this would mean not using a plug right ??????? And that would involve maybe charging the "built-in power supply" ???????
    So can anyone enlighten me ????????:D
  • Rob,

    This isnt going to be too much of a helpful post but I too have been wondering about this and have looked just about everywhere I could think of for an explanation. Only thing I can find is "built in AC adapter" Seems like everyone has posted the same newsletter saying the exact same things with nothing additional. I would love to see an actual spec sheet on this system. It has been my understanding that all systems have somewhat of a built in power supply but I guess i'm wrong. So you dont sound me anyway. So I'll join you on the "Want to know" list.

  • I think all that was really meant there was the system would not have a power brick like the XBox 360 does. Nothing really new there.
  • Er probably a bit of an obvious answer, and please don't take my answer as fact because I don't know, but would a "built-in power supply" basically be what the PS3 has got?
    Like the old PS2 (the chunky version) where it was basically just your average lead that you could use for, for instance, a radio as well?

    I don't know, that's what I'm thinking.
    I'm thinking this is right because at the moment the slimline version currently has the power supply as the big box thing that you plug into the back of the PS2 and then there is an extra lead that plugs into that power supply box that has the actual plug on the end that you then plug into a power source.

    Maybe I'm thinking too literally here, but that's my reckoning anyway.

    Now you would obviously think that that would increase the size of the system because of needing to hold such a bulky power supply, but, in these days of li-ion batteries (used for laptops and mobiles etc) and the newer batteries coming along (i forget the exact details on them now but they're much better than your mobile lithium ion batteries), the size of a power source can, like microchips and everything else techological wise, be reduced to the size of your hand.

    Anyway, that's my thinking.
    Once again, please do NOT take this as factual information. It is just my opinion on what I think "built-in power supply" means.

  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    I think all that was really meant there was the system would not have a power brick like the XBox 360 does. Nothing really new there.

    And my answer was the long winded version of Lyns, as per usual :eek:
  • hahahaha.... I see what you are saying Jason. I never owned a slim PS2. I always took the old bulky ones that my bud's always didnt want due to them getting the slim one. Those were easier to ....umm....<<looks around and coughs>> ...modify <<cough>> So I never had a system with an outside power supply......yet. I did notice that the 360 had that huge heavy power supply "outside". So I think I understand now.
  • Thanks for the help people, i was so wrong wasnt I........Lol........:rolleyes:

    I'm Ok with the PS3 playing the PS2 games i think, for the reason that a normal PS2 playing on a HD screen blurs the image a lot, so having the PS2 upscaler in the PS3 really helps, all i need is a PS2/PS3 Memory card adaptor now Lol.................:)