• hello

    last week or so i have automatically signe dout of psn after about 5 or 10mins of signing in with error code, 8000ad23, saying 'u have lost your connection to playsation network' or something similar

    reading previous threads u seem to ask for connection status so here u go....
    connection status list and settings
    Signal - 67 to 77%
    internet connection - enabled
    SSID - BTHomehub-EFE0
    BSSID - 00:14:7F:60:28:61
    Channel - 7
    Security - WEP
    Address settings - auto
    Ip Address -
    subnet mask -
    default router -
    primary dns -
    secndary dns -
    MAC Address - 00:19:c5:77:b8:db
    MTU -auto
    Proxy server - do not use
    NAT - Type 2

    connection test
    obtain ip -succeed
    internet connection - succeed
    PSN- succeed
    NAT - type 2

    also i was advised 2 disable media server connection so i did.

    the homehub is always connected to my computer which is situated upstairs along witht he ps3. the pc very rarely loses connection. but then again, im sure the ps3 doesnt as when it signs me out of psn i can stil browse web and ps store.

    anything you suggets i do to prevent it signing out, if so cna u clearly say how as im not great with all the complications!

    thanks for your time:)
  • sorry, my error code is......8002ad23 cheers
  • have you opened any ports on the router for the PS3's connection in port forwarding? This may clear things for you- chances are the router is blocking them on you, causing you to get signed out. Here are the various ports to open:

    TCP: 80, 443, 5223, and Port Range 10070 - 10080

    UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658, and 10070
  • how do i open the ports then? on the ps3 or computer or what? im not too good with these detiled bits. thanks for your help!
  • You will have to do this in your router's set up on the computer. The instructions that came with it should tell you how to get there. Once in look around for port forwarding. Most times these sections have a space for applications- you can put whatever you like in here, PlayStation 3 as an example. Then, just enter the ports as listed above and hit the Apply/ Save Settings/ OK button (different routers label these differently). It's really a somewhat simple thing to do.
  • when u told me the various ports do i selct 1 or use all of them?
  • Open all of them- each are used for different aspects of online play.
  • i cant open all of them, the field box only allows me to open 1 port of each type. but i have entered the range you told me to.
  • You should be able to get them al open. If there isn't enough room to enter them all in one session, put in what you can, hit the save settings button, then go back in and enter the rest.