connection error has occurred (80410805
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    having problems getting PSP to send/receive to another PSP (photos)
    One of the PSPs consistently comes up with;
    A connection error has occurred (80410805) the other seems to be sending OK.
    software same on both PSP (3.71)
    anyone any ideas? do I have a faulty PSP?
    Have tried both in ad hoc mode and setting to a specific channel.
  • TIMH....

    Is your router protected with a WEP key? If so, try to disable it while using the wifi with your PSP and see if this works. I've heard of people getting the same error code and this solves the problem but your network will go unprotected for the time you are using your PSP wirelessly.
  • If going Ad Hoc the router should not even play into the picture as it is a direct connection between the two PSPs. You may need to adjust the settings on the PSP having the error to Automatic.

    How far away are the two of you when trying to send? The Ad Hoc mode does have a somewhat limited range. Also, you may be getting some interference from other items around the home such as cordless phones, the microwave or just about anything that transmits some sort of radio wave.