Chase The gunman
  • I am so fed up with this level. I can't stand it anymore. I want to throw the game in the trash. Does anyone have any information on how to beat it and get on with the next level? If you do PLEASE email me at
  • When you come back by this site you can check here for your answer. Hope this helps and have fun playing the game.
  • Jack - this mission is probably one of the hardest - i haven't played the game in months cus it annoyed me so much!!!! Talking to various people, the best way to complete it is to try and total the car before it goes down the middle lane. The way to do this is to try and get on the R side of the gunman and steer into him - he always turns right, so you'll be able to stay with him while he tries to turn. Its tricky, but it does work - even when i knew what to do, it still took me ages!!! never try and hit him from the back cus it does practically no damage and just slows you down. If he gets as far as the middle lane my advice is to start again - its hard enough keeping up when he gets to the windy road with dirt edges, yet alone trying to ram him. I do know someone who completed it on this road, but they got REAL lucky!
  • I got real lucky when i was driving to hit him he turned round to get away from me and drove into the sea

  • lol thats really lucky some times i try to flip the it works i was chaseing some one on driver in san frisco and thay jumped a hill and there back of the car went to the right and thay hit a nother hill and fliped over and hear comes 5 sec on the clock when all this happpens i do the same and there is 1 sec left i hit him and win and me and him was on our sides pretty kool huh
  • actually i crossed this stage with the best thing i had a gameshark yes but now its broken!!!!:mad: it was good while it lasted
  • jcandsc i think that there is no sea in thisa level, or unless ure thinking of the huge pit. the sea level is about 6 levels back. it took me 6-10 hours to beat this level, while i woz on holidays in the north!!!:mad:
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    mikeyw8187 runs! it took me 4 trys fi beat this leavel i had to study the road

    sorry if you see sill stuff of my post i am trying something new
  • The best way to get him is to cut in through the trees to the right when he is turning right.This will bring u ahead of his car.U should then start to ram his car as he pesses u out.

    This only works when he slows down on the first bendy road u start on.U will notice that this happens at regular intervals of non-stop playing.U should notice that u are behind him at a fair distance as asual, then all of a sudden ur up his behind.This is the best time to use the shortcut.

    I found this out after 2 months of trying this mission, and it does work.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  • I thought chase the gunman was along the cliffs? I haven't played it in awhile. But I did beat the game several months ago. The trick on any level is not to get frustrated. Yes I did too, many times! But when I sat down and got into the groove and just drove like the :2devilish: I would eventually beat it. Anyway, chasing the gunman on the cliffs was one of the hardest. Some people were saying to sideswipe him quick before he got to the first cornner. But that didn't work for me and just made it more frustrating. Some people said cut thru the trees on the 1st right cornner, but that didn't work for me. I just stayed on his a$$ till we got to the cliffs, don't try to knock him off the cliff or ram him too much on the first couple of turns. Just concentrate on staying with him. If you make it past the first set of trees and rocks and then past the next set of rocks then start to ram his a$$. His life bar will eat up quickly here! If you can keep ramming with out losing control before he gets too far to the end you'll be suprised how easy it was. :idea:
    If I'm talking about the wrong level then I'm embarrased. But maybe this will help you anyway.
  • Chase the gunman is the level with the cliff(sorry if I put you off course).People have won the game with many strategies in hand.

    I never use the same strategy for every level.I like to broaden my chances and work different ways.Sometimes i'd ram his ass straight away and kill him then, other times i'd stick with him until the right time comes and then id kick his a$$ off the road........It all just deoends on what mood i'm in!
  • That's right the key is, to change strategies every time and don't push too hard toput the gum man off the road or you will be the one that will be falling...Well have fun playing..
  • Well the key is to go ahead of him and block him until he's car is destroyed and I have sent a e-mail to you...I hope this will help you.......
  • wut i do is get beside him and turn the wheel to his car and that puts damage on his car and if that doesent do good
  • I've got a PS1 memory card that encludes driver 1 and 2 completed. MOH 1 & 2 completed. Fighting Force 2 completed regular mode and 1/2 of expert. Also, has GT1&2.
  • :mad: I have read everybody's comments about how to defeat this mission, I have tried all without success. If I get in front of him and let him ram me, He whips my ass and my car takes flight. Also what is the best way to slow him from the front, its very hard using the rearview. There must be another way. I'm stuck on this mission since January 01. The words 'Chase the Gunman' are burnt onto my TV screen. Help!!Help!! Help!!!
  • you have to go the same speed he is gouing and you wount wipe out
  • DON'T go in front of him and slow down, He'll only ram you and do alot of damage as well as sen you spinning.It's better to go alongside of him and ram him that way
  • Chase The Gunman is probably the hardest, unfairest and the most frustating level ive ever played in any game. But dont fear i have completed the mission many times and with perserverance you can do the same.

    The bad news is THERE IS NO EASY WAY to do this mission, but good news is that i have tried a tested method.

    Heres how.

    Tip 1: You will notice the different times appearing everytime you start the Gunman mission. Restart the mission if you feel you need more time to take out the Gunman.

    First of all practice increasing you ability to get round the first 2 bends onto the straight as quickly as possible. Once you get the hang of this you will
  • that's the same thing i told them and thay said thay wreck well i cant wait for tanner and jones on driver 3 in the middle of 2002
  • Lets hope they deliver!!