Fire Pro Wrestling Returns (PS2)
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    With almost no fanfare whatsoever, "Fire Pro Wrestling Returns" is coming to the Playstation 2. While it may be available at some retailers, many do not stock it yet - or are confused about how much stock they have, so it may take some digging to get to. Either way, it comes out this month, and I was wondering what you guys thought of it. Poll up top will help.

    I used to love the old SNES WWF games, the mindless humor of hitting your opponent on the head with a bucket is what did it for me. While "WWE Smackdown Vs..." has gotten increasingly more annoying over the years (Get up already, all he did was slap you!!!), I long for the times of playing SNES wrestling games again.

    Which is why this looks like it could be a great game. It's the first time Fire Pro is coming to a home console in the U.S. (Besides an older GBA edition), and the first time I'll be able to play it. It supposedly boasts a huge "Create a Wrestler, and Create a Move, and Create a thing" feature set. I've heard only great things about it... 'cept for the graphics. Of course they will be somewhere in between Sega Genesis and PS2 quality, but if you can ignore that, it looks all good.

    Will you be buying? It's only $20 USD (Amazon lists it for about $15)!

  • I probably will. I love all the old school games. Especially the NES ones. I dont think i'll pay full price for this but i'll pick it up off the EBGames/GameStop used shelves. No offense.
  • [b]The Fire Pro Wrestling series is pretty much the top selling series in Japan. Considering how big they are into pro wrestling there having the top selling series says something about it.

    This game is old-school wrestling games at its best with some additions. Here's the full feature list: