Shrek the Third (Prison Dungeon)
  • can someone please help me get out of prison detention center in shrek???
  • Sure wmiller. If you give a few more details I could find you an answer faster. For example, which Shrek game are you playing? There are three of them.:)

    Oh and welcome to Absolute Playstation.
  • Sorry... It's shreh the third..
    I can't get the gate up... it like only goes up a little bit...
    Thank you>>>
  • wmiller, I have finally found you an answer!! Shweet!

    Let me know whether or not this helps and if not, I'll see what else I can do.:)

    Go back and crack open the big crate for a coloring page. Then head down the
    path. Break the first stump outside for a mug, then keep going down the stone
    path. Break the barrels opposite to the building entrance for a tiara, then
    keep going through the path in the building. Now, you'll have to avoid some
    traps. Easily done, as it's just some columns going up and down. They stay up
    for quite a while so you can easily run through. Break the stuff on the way for
    a tiara. The last column has a hole under it, so float down and proceed along
    this path. You'll come to another cyclops and his minions, beat them all up. For
    the cyclops, block his attack and Strong Attack him. Once you're done, break all
    the crates for food and then use the cage to jump up to the ledge where the
    cyclops was. Break the boxes there to get a mug, then stomp on the switch to
    open the gate. Go through it. Once you go through, a prisoner in a cage will
    come rolling down. Thanks to the Havok engine, it will probably be slowed down,
    stopped or deflected so it shouldn't be of any real concern. Just go along the
    path. A guard will lock you in and an infinite amount of prisoners will come at
    you. Break the stuff in this room for a tiara and mug. Use the Fairy Dust Attack
    on the guard to get him to open the gate so you can proceed along the path. Up
    ahead are more traps. Then comes more platforms like last time you played as
    Sleeping Beauty, but this time you can't fall down. Break the barrel on the left
    for a mug, then get across to the other side and head left. You'll see a hole
    you can float down. Ignore the stairs and jump across, floating down the far
    wall. There, you can get gold coins and another tiara. Meet with Fiona at the
    bottom. Use you Fairy Dust Attack on the guard to get him to open the gate. Now,
    you're Fiona. Use her Fairy Dust Attack on the door to open it. Hit the statue
    of the fairy godmother for more fairy dust. The next room will have a respawning
    guards. To stop them, use Fiona's Fairy Dust Attack to move the big stone blocks
    over the switches. Up ahead, there are three switches. See the door? The
    corresponding switches must have the same icons. Hit the left on twice and the
    right one once. Problem solved. Go on.
  • Thank you for helping us figure out how to open the gate at the end of the prison dungeon however, my daughter is now trying desperately to figure out how to get to the door at the end of the hallway where the icons are. She pushed the cement blocks over those pressure plates to open the gate and now she gets just inside the opened gate but cannot get any further.

    We tried to go down the side hallways by trying to move the cement blocks over a little but they dont budge. We see the icons on the door and the 3 square cement things on the floor ahead but can not get close to them.

    Could you please help us with this, she got this PSP for Xmas with Shrek Third game and wont want to play it anymore if she cant go on.

    Thank you so much.
  • You don't need the cement blocks for those switches, i think. Try just hitting the left switch twice and the right switch once.
  • Tahnk you veru much just the help we needed.
  • I cannot get Sleeping Beauty across the broken floor (above the slimy sewer room). Please HELP!!!
  • If this is the section i am thinking of you are supposed to float down through the gaps- you'll find platforms with coins.
  • That's the one. I keep floating down into the sewer room and the only way out of it is back up the winding tunnel. How do I get past this? My son is really wanting to finish this game!

  • try to float near the top right of the hole- there's a mug to grab. At the bottom of the area there is a switch- stomp it and hit the locker to free the geek. Keep heading right and down the path. You should then be able to jmp on some platforms and head through a gate. This will lead you to a bit of a boss battle- just use Strong Attacks on him.