80710102 error code
  • Hello all,been online now for 4 months and all been fine,and now today i get (80710102 - PS3 Cannot connect to the router with current IP information ).

    i use a motorola modem on virgin media ,i use 3 devices from it pc,laptop and ps3 ,so i disconnect it each time to use each one. but today my pc and ps3 will not connect but the laptop will.

    so i done the ipconfig got the info and entered it all in manually

    ip i change 29 to 30
    dns1 also tryed dhcp server numders in the dns slots
    dns3 dont no why ive got 3 but i tryed all 3 in different order

    so i do the test connection and it says ip successful but dns fail,no internet connection.

    yes ive left the modem switched off for a long time trying to reset it.

    why would it work one day and then not the next
    PSN ID: halfhand2

    little up date my pc is working this morning but the ps3 is not ,just done ipconfig/all on the pc and i got this

    ipv4 (peferred) two numbers different from the laptop ip
    subnet mask
    default gateway
    dhcp server
    dns server
    and the ps3 still wont connect
  • How much of that information do you have entered into the PS3's network connection? For the moment the only thing I can think of to try would be to delete the current settings and re-do it putting as much information in manually as you can.
  • tried the laptop setting yesterday and would not work

    and tried the pc setting today and still does not work.

    could it be the modem playing up and only keeping one setting.
    its a motorola sb5100 surfbard cable modem
  • It's possible that could play a part in it. You may want to consider getting a router to share the connections and hold settings for each item, doing away with the disconnecting/ reconnecting every time you want online with the computer or PS3.