Please Please Helpwith Psp!!!!!!
  • Ok this is what happend I was updating my psp to a newer version and while it was updating it stop and said the disk was unable to read so I tryed closing out of the page and it wouldn't let me. So I tryed to turn it off and it wouldn't work. So I took the battery pack out and put it back in and tryed to start it up. Tthe green light turned on but the screen wouldn't turn on. In about fifteen seconds the green light will turn on,on it's own. There has been no problems with this psp up in till know. I've tryed charging it and checking to see if there is something wrong with the battery pack but as far as I can see there isn't. So if you have any idea why the system isn't working please help.
  • Quick question- did you have the charger in while trying to update? You are supposed to have the charger/ AC adapter plugged in while updating firmware to keep it from powering down part way through the update process.

    Unfortunately, you may now have bricked the PSP. You will have to contact Sony and ask them about repairing/ replacing it. The phone number for North America is 1-800-345-7669.