• In chicago i was driving full speed and went over a draw bridge while it was half way up, when i got over my car started to sink into the ground, it went upside down and all i could see was the background of the city!
    then it said game over!
    has this happend to anyone else?
  • Several times whilst going over bridges i have good through the bridge and went into the water (the car just drops down into blackness) and the game ends, i'm not sure if this is what you mean?
  • yeah partly that! but i made it over the bridge then 5secs after i started to sink!
  • You know how when the cops wreck your car, then wreck themselves and then you can get out of your car and keep playing? well, everytime i do that it says:
    "You have drowned"
    I didn't know you could drown in air...
  • i know it is completly wierd isn't it!
  • it is beacouse u dident make it and u fell n the water but there is no water but you r dead
  • well, you might be right but sometimes i know i made it but i still drown!
  • that happens to me and it is beacouse i went down there and poped back up & i think thay should of put water on there and it looks like u made it but u dident beacouse that happen to me to every one go to new driver game to see what the new game is gouing to be called i know the new game beacouse i put the it on hear
  • yes it has happend tu me as well!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thats never happened to me but once in one of the missions when you have to jump onto a ferry i went straight through the ferry, it done this a few times but i found out that i had to get out of the car once i landed on the ferry. I thought i would never get past that mission.

  • Yes,if you flip over the game is over.
  • jez if your saying driver2 has no glitches then your wrong cause i can list alot and i jumped the bridge when up with a bus and armored car hows that and i made it too??? Plus that has happened to me all the time

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  • This has happened to me too many times to count.It is pretty funny though,when you drown in air.
  • there are so many glitches in this game, that 1 is especially annoying
  • i once sat on a seat backwards and slid right through a building it then came up you drowened
  • that was beacouse there is noughting in side the the stores and stuff