• hey can anyone help, my boyf and me totally love driver2 but we can't get past chase the gunman in rio.
  • I cant help you with the mission, but as for the cheats, do this. Go to this website, but dont go into the members area. Then look to your left and you will see a message entitled "Cheats" click that. Then go down and you will see a column that has PS2 and a column that sais PS1. Find Driver 2 under the PS1 column and click it. And there you have it. Instant cheats and tips. Enjoy :2silly:
  • Now you can go on Take a Ride mode and flip the switch in the police station for Immunity(no police)or flip the drugstore switch for Invincibility.Hope that helped!!

  • Stop the gun man with the yellow car:

    In mission 35 "Chase the gun man", start pressing X+right to reach the yellow car, and then press Triangle to get into that car. Reverse a bit and then go for the gunman. The yellow car is better than the red one and sometimes is easier to stop the gunman by lateral scrapes on its car.