• Well i just got Driver 2, The games hard as hell :mad: (well for me) I'm stuck on a very early level, the level where you have to escape to your house without any tail. If you have any tips that would would help i would highly aprieciate it. Well see you all around
  • oooo this is easy if ya do it right.ok this i swhat ya do.you know when you make your way out and this van starts to chase ya??? well go down that long strech of road you will come to a ending turn right and right again and make your way out ant well you know the rest...i hope this all help ya
  • Sorry mikey thats not the level I'm on, I'm on the level where the cops are chasing you, I just need some tips on how to be better at this game
  • Cloud Strife, there are few things you need to know that will help you with this mission and others.

    If you drive fast by a copper, he will chase you. Its possible to get past cops that are in your way by driving a little faster than them and then put your foot down when you are out of range. Keep an eye on your map - or tell a friend to.

    I vaguely remember the mission you are talking about, but my tips should help you:

    How to lose the cops

    Even before you start - know the route to the location , so you dont drive around aimlessly. Learn how to use the handbrake to get round corners fast - this is MUST as you will need to be able to do this in future missions.

    Tip 1 : Zig zag in and out of heavy traffic; and drive close to the lamp posts on the pavement (sidewalk) or other objects. .

    Tip 2 : Use your mirrors - know where they are behind you - this allows you to plan your next move. eg if the cop behind you seems to be on the left of you, then drive past the next lamp post as close as possible to the right hand side.

    Tip 3 : If you reach your destination and you still have a tail, keep driving round the block taking tight corners until you lose him. This way you wont have far to go when you do manage to lose the tail.

    Tip 4 : If you reach your destination and you still have a tail and your car does not have severe damage. Then use your car to destroy him - YES thats right !! (remember your car can take more damage than theres) - thats one way of getting rid of the tail assuming you've only have the one copper to deal with at this point and your cars in reasonable condition.

    Tip 5 : My final tip - is keep cool - if ya got plenty of time to get to your location then slow down. This will minimise damage to your car and the attention of the cops.

    Cloud strife if you still having probs, let us know. Good luck and enjoy !!
  • Thanks for the help but I beat that level but the tips should still help in future missions. Well see you around