Stuck in driver2
  • We have gotten to the level where we have to run to the Ferry and make the jump.
  • I think this question would be more souted in the driver2 forum we have and I dont remember that part when I played driver so I will brake out the game and see were you are
  • Moving to the Driver 2 forum.
  • ok i posted this so i will post it in this one two ok what you do is you run out there and grab a car and jump on the ferry {but if you jump over it you drown}
  • First of all, you have to be quick, put ya foot down all the way, line yourself up; and soon as you launch into mid air hold down your handbrake (triangle) and brakes (square) before you land on the ferry. If you feel as though you are gonna go over just turn left/right (still holding brakes/handbrake buttons) as you land (hopefully stopping you going over).

    If you are having probs even getting onto the ferry, then you need to be quicker and work on your driving skills. As for making a jump from a car, how else are expecting to make