ps3 not reading games or dvds
  • I bought my ps3 on the day of release. Two days ago it froze while I was playing online pro evo 2008. I couldn't even quit the game as the screen went blank after I pressed the ps button. Since then the ps3 doesn't recognise any games I insert or dvds. It starts up in the main ps3 screen and doesn't show the game/dvd in the console. I've looked through my manuals and can't find a number for playstation to contact and their instant chat facility isn't working. Could offer any possible solutions and also their telephone number?
  • The PlayStation customer service number for the UK is 08705 99 88 77. You can also reach them by e-mail at [email][/email] (5 gets you 10 most replies here will be prewritten, though). Their hours on the weekends are 10 am to 6 pm so you should be able to get someone now.