wireless network problem! help please!
  • my ps2 is in my room which is really far away from where my computer is. so i have bought a wireless bridge to connect my ps2 with my wireless router which is connected to my computer for connections with my sisters laptop. i have connected the cable that came with my network adaptor to my ps2 and the wireless bridge. i was hoping that the wireless bridge would detect my internet connection from my wireless router. but it doesnt connect it so i cant create a profile for network. what am i supposed to do? i dont want to connect the network adapter to my router through wire as this would be so complicated as my room is upstairs and my computer is downstairs. please someone help.
  • Are the bridge and the router made by the same people? Sometimes this can make all the difference- it's best to go with the same manufacturer for these.

    Also, did you check if any sort of setup was needed with the bridge before connecting with the PS2? Sometimes you have to connect to your computer first and perform a bit of initializing before it will work.