Wired Connection?
  • Ok Im a novice at connecting to internet. Just bought a ps3 and want to get onto the ps network. First is it possible to just take out the ethernet cable from the back of my pc and plug it into the ps3 to connect?
    I am on virginmedia, and dont know how to find out my ip address?
    I have tried to connect using the description on how to do it on the ps3 website but the ps3 doesnt even notice a connection. Please Help Rosscopiko.:o
  • It definitely can be done that way- just power down the modem before making the switch. This will make the modem let go of the IP address that was handed out to your PC and get a new one issued to the PS3 when powered up again. When you start setting up the connection on the PS3 stick with Easy for the IP setting, it should grab it automatically. The other information such as DNS servers should be available by checking out your connection details on the computer.

    I've said it before- I would recommend using a router to share the connection and avoid the hassle of doing this switch every time you want one or the other to go online.
  • Thanks Mate will give that a try and get back to you
  • Thanks alot mate, that worked perfectly. Just need some gamer mates now! Got hammered on resistance fall of man death match gutted!!