• greetings.I am from Greece and i have problem with my ps3...the things are that when i play some games like heavenly sword or assassins creed i can see tearing problems on my samsungLE40F86BD .....i tried everything and i also tried to play the game to an other samsung LE40M86Bd and i had the same problem.i checked all the settings to ps3 and my tv ,,,but nothing.so i am really curious if the games have problems or my ps 3 40 gb edition....plz answer me as soon as possible or else i am going to break the console ...Cheers!
  • Don't take it out on the console- the PS3 is innocent in this one.

    The problem is in the television, not the game system. That tearing would be because of the tv not being able to keep up with the fast-paced action.