• Is there anyone that can help me with my problem? everything seems to be working right when I start up my PS2 until I get to the main menu thing.
    The blue glowing spheres that are ment to spin all gather up in the middle to create a large ball. it wont even read discs but everything on it works. what is wrong with it.:p :o :D :(
  • Do you hear any spinning of the disc at all?

    If the disc still spins but is not being read then it could be simply needing to clean the lens using a DVD lens cleaning kit. These are available in most electronics stores. You may also want to check the discs themselves for any dirt or scratches- if they are dirty take a soft cloth and wipe the discs going from the center to the outer edge. Do NOT wipe around the disc following the grooves.

    If the disc does not spin at all the problem is more serious. The disc drive itself would be broken if this is the case. You would have to contact Sony's tech support for help if this is what happened. You'll find the phone number in the system's user manual.