the best and worse car
  • right here is one for every one i happen to think that i have the best car (escudo peaks) it will just not lie down and get beat,the worst has to be the drag(what use is it)
  • The Suzuki Escudo-Pikes Peak version
  • If you set the dragsters a very severe front wheel camber it can be driven around the test track (rather than just bumped of the walls ;) )

    but the biggest use i have for them is putting 250,000 in the bank :)
  • I think the best car is the Toyota GT-One road version '99. I think the worst is the....... well........, I'm not sure.

    Did you know both of the dragcars in the game are real?
  • i have just got a hold of a nissan 2000gt gt but it wont let me have any imfo on it it cost 112000 but i have it
  • I think its called a Toyota 2000gt.
  • i stand corrected but still no imformation on it
  • i think this is a glitch in the game. Theres so many glitches in GT2.
  • [b]The Toyota 2000 GT is a classic sports car.
  • I don't like the Racing Modification for the Toyota 2000gt.
    Its white and blue. Also the car is very slow and cannot be tuned very much.
  • The worst car is that little Midget Truck Thingy. It's as slow as a snail sleeping. I think it's a Daihatsu or something. In the Proper GT Cars I'm very fond of the CALSONIC SKYLINE (Because it's a nice blue) @702HP or the Toyota GT1. Off the shop floor you can buy a AUF CTR2 & tune it up to about 650HP & she's as quick as the SKYLINE but she don't handle 'cause you can't adjust the down force (What a pity). I also posses a TVR SPEED 12 @800HP. She's ridiculously quick but the back prefers to over take the front on every corner. Handle with extreme caution!!!!! This is a car that not that many people can get for some reason. I've 2, one with all the works & the other just out of the wrapper... :-)
  • I also hate that d@mn Demio ....
  • Yeah but I think it depends on what car you win with!
    Hey I understand the mail thing now. (No worries) :)

  • I cant decide which cars are the best and worst, it just depends on what track or competition you enter, so i cant realy choose.

  • Did u know that the TVR speed 12 is the most expensive car in your garage if you tune everything you can on it? It cost something like &#362,200,000! They still handle bad too. I like Tommy Kiara Skyline a lot. It looks nice, handles well, and is really faaaaaaaaaaast.
  • I seen a TVR Speed 12 @ the London Motor Show last year............. 800HP!!!!!! :o What on earth! That's F1 power in a road car. I'm not suprised she doesn't handle that well as it's only 1000Kg with all that power. I'd say they could break the McLarens World Record Top Speed (240.28 mph / 386.7 km./h) in the TVR. :)

    Hey I got 419.3 Km/h 262.0625 mph in the Nissan R390 GT 1 Road Car '97 on the Test Track. I know I can do about 430 km/h with some car (Not Escudo) which I've lost 'cause of 3rd party memory (Stick with Sony). Has anyone slaughtered that by any chance & if so with what. What was you set up like. :)
  • [b]i have pulled 424 in a Cerbera LM

    raced in arcade mode in GT2.
  • Wow BaroChoc! Europe always has the best car shows. In America you have to goto Las Angeles or New York to see Ferraris and Vipers, but in England and Japan they are everywhere. Plus you lucky basterds get to watch the 24 hrs of Le Mans. Thats my most favorite race and I have to settle to watching 4 hours of it on the tube. :(
  • [b]back to the point of the thread - worst car has to be Aston Martin V8 - i mean if that car was as undrivable in reality as it is in GT2 - then there would be alot of dead rich folks. ;)
  • Ok ok! I think the worst cars would have to be the Mazda Demio and Dragcars in gt2. I like the Civic type-R in gt2 even though it has bad R.motification (in my opinion) and is slow, Its still fun to drive. I fell that the best cars are the GT-One Road version '99, Escudo Pikes Peak, and Wiegart Vector W8.
  • That Civic R is a lot hotter if you stick a close ratio box into it. Drive on the smaller circuts so you don't need straight line speed. Has anyone driven the Spoon Civic??? It's mental... It revs to about 12000 rpm before the redline again though you'd have to stick a close ratio box into her 'cause she does about 180Km in 3rd!!! You never get to open her out! If yer mad into revs then get yourself the Alfa 155 Touring car! It sounds like an F1.........;)
  • I think thats a glitch juggleknot. Are you sure its a '98 Corvette. Because I thought you could only get up to '96 Corvettes (I'm probably wrong though). I think it is a glitch though, cause once I had a '97 Nissan R390GT-1 that had 64,000hp, no wheels, and wouldn't go over 6o mph!

    I also have a Spoon Civic, and even though it looks pretty slow. I think its one of the better cars in GT2.
  • [b] I've found the best car in the game, 700 HP, Unica Skyline, i won it in a race, costs around
  • Cool Car Huh! :) You won it Grand touring car trophy on the Midfield Raceway right?
    You can also buy one from the shop like the Pennzoil it's a killer too! or win the Zexel Skyline .... As you see I'm a true Skyline addict! Got an R34 skyline from the shop and dressed it up completely tuned it on the machine test course .... it flies now ....
  • Cheers Squanto, the Unica has brillaint handling and control and i was wandering if i could combine it with the Escudo's speed for the ultimate car! Cheers :)

    Yeah the Unica came from the Grand Touring Car on Midfield, which conviniently i won with another Skyline :) Nearly all my cars in my Garage are Nissan!
  • You guys don't know what you are talking about!!!
  • i think the best cars r old ones beacouse thay r made of real still and metal now thay make cheap picse of s***
  • I reckon that the Mazda RX-7 special model (Yellow one) is the best. I hate (when I say hate, I mean it) the British cars (Astons, TVR's, Lotus). I don't mind Vauxhall's (Opels if your outside the UK). Now I hace to shoot some grass to peices, they annoy me.
  • Actually, since I racked up a healty couple of million I decided to buy alot of nice cars & one of these was the Renault Espace F1.................. What a joke!!!! :biggrin: It's so slow for 800 HP & not as stable as an F1, no torque. I found that out when racing Grindlewald!!! Big mistake.... ;)

    Don't waste your hard earned
  • The pajero mini or whatsit called with about 40 bhp makes you go mad. The Escudo is fast and handles really well too. Class.
  • The slowest car is the........well i dont know the name but it looks like an old vw beetle and has 22hp. I think its a used nissan that you rarely see.
  • Ive seen a car in subaru or suzuki(one of them) that has 33 hp and weighs 900 pounds. You can put 142hp on it and you think it would be fast but it is the slowest car in the world. If that and the Escudo got in an 2 lap race around the test track the escudo would lap that car 7 times

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  • I don't remember Drag cars in GT2- are you referring to that car with 1088hp that could not handle worth &#36h!t?

    My favorite car was the Suzuki Escudo, my least favorite was the lotus elise.
  • Well my favorite car is.....Alfa Romeo 155 Touring car

    Wayyy to good....
  • The Vector m 12 is an awesome car for the 50 lapper at appricott hill.
  • Well dknight,the Alfa Romeo I've been talking,can make it 8 or 10 laps your advantage than other cars..:grin1: .Well hope you have fun playing....
  • well best car is d Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak and the Nissan Skyline gtr-32 is a hell of a car as well when fully tuned....but my fav is the Nissan 300zx....the fairlady fot d best looks ever, even when standard

    now for d worst....erm i guess it`s d fiat 500 for having the blockiest shape ever and for being a little slower than my grandmother!
  • Best car obviously wud be the Escudo, but apart from that i think the RUFCTR2 is the coolest looking car in the game.
  • oh my, there's so many cars that are ace. yes, you can pi$$ the entire game in the escudo, and the ctr sport 2 is a wicked car to drive, but i have a soft spot for the dodge concept car lm edition (the one you get from the convertible car cup).it's hp is small enough to get into the majority of races but large enough to give you an advantage and it handles like a dream. you can whack the power on out of curves and it'll take a lot before it spins out :cool: . try the m12 for a car that sounds like it's jet powered. :idea:
  • The best is the Suzuki Escuso and the worst is some 20 HP Fiat. :thumbsup:
  • I think its the aston db7 its too fast and it crashes easily
  • i have to agree with Auron1897 that the db7 craches too eaisly. it also spins out heaps unless u modify it heaps :2spin:
  • The best car for is the Suzuki Escudo and the worst is the Nissan 180 Drag (turns less than the Nissan GT-One Drag)...

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