• Has any one noticed that sometimes you will go to get a license and there will already be a gold in 1 of the test. I went to get my super license and Tahiti road test had a gold there. I also noticed this on some of the other lisenses too.
  • Is it true I never saw or hear that before but I will also check if I found out I will post it here again


  • You probably just started it and forgot about it and saved your game totally unaware that you had saved that you had done that part. But then again you should have remember it so i guess its just a mysterious occurance.........?:confused:
  • No I did not. Its happend to me several times. Plus it was on a course I know good and well I couldnt have gotten a gold on.
  • Never happened to me before. If it's a course you couldn't have gotten a gold on, isn't that a good thing?
    I can barely get bronze on the super license test, let alone gold.
  • Maybe my game is f&#36%ked up. but I have beaten all the races and started over twice and on both times this has happend to me. I am really confused:confused:
  • is this 4 gt2 or gt1 ?
  • It was on GT2.
  • no i hav'nt noticed this at all but i will try to get the super licence again and e~mail you if it happens.