• I purchased a Dance factory game by Code masters at Wal-Mart, 180th and Center, Omaha, Nebraska, US.
    We purchased it early for my daughter's birthday. Two months later we had the party and booted up the game. The system never initialized and reported a disc error. Thinking that we had a bad disc we returned the whole system to the store for exchange. When we tried the second game we ended up with the same problem.
    In my research, I have been informed that since our platform is the older original PS2, the disc cannot be read by our machine. I have now tried to return the game for my money back, only to find out that Federal Law to protect against piracy will not allow for a money back return.

    I would like to please return the game and get a full refund. We paid $39.99 for the original game. Please assist?

    Dan &Theresa Nastase
  • Unfortunately there is not much we can do for you, Dan. We have no pull whatsoever in this sort of matter as we are not associated with Sony or the gaming companies in any way.

    The only thing i can suggest is you try selling the game off yourself, either locally or online (ebay or another game trading site) to be able to at least get some of your cash back.
  • hey , i have the exact same problem. did you find out what was wrong?