• is it true u can use ur cars from gt1 on gt2? i heard that thought id ask yall
  • [b]Sorry - cant use the same cars - tho the same cars are available in both games.

    but you can use your licence results from GT to give you a head start on GT2 :)
  • Ive heard of something were if you beat the game 100% you can by an mercedes and race it in GTpacific leage and turn your ordiary mercedes into a clk-grt i think its a tall tale though
  • [b]I have to say I heard that too!

    But I've finished GT2 100% & I thought with the 60 Golds it would help get the CLK GTR!

    Has anyone heard any different or is it only possible with a Game Shark & If so what's the *#&#36%@+ code? :angry:
  • I havent seen any codes to get a certain car or id have it right now but none that i now of
  • I found a code but it didnt work

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  • Even if someone did find a code the car would be so outragously fast you wouldnt be able to turn it.