How do Lads and Lasses
  • Whats everyones view on juiced 2. I personnely think its a quality game slightly lacking in the graphical dept but still retains all the original street racing credentials wich the others seem to lack now a day "nned for speed pro street" "cough cough" Juiced is fast yet simple to control offers good customizable options that are kept simple, the soundtrack, this must be one of the best matching soundtracks that i have ever heard very clever choice of music icluded the like of pendulum with variation all the way to queens of the stone age while still keeping ever track in touch with the game. The one player is also fun offering a wide choice of race types that keep you hooked each and every lap.
    Havent heard anyone mention it despite it being quite a good seller in game stores, just wandering what the general scene is with the game.:confused:
  • Personally, i'm an online player. It may be a good game but there are far to many negative opinions about the online play of Juiced 2. I'm not saying not to buy it folks but if you are buying it for the online experience, wait for a used one. Thats what i'm doing.
  • I havent got it, but from playing the demo i would say much better than Need for Speed:Pro street.........
    The online i've heard is very good aswell...........:)
  • thanks for the response gents, its prety tight group you guys got here its not easy to find a site as helpful and as freindly as this i will spread the word. Gettin me router next week so ill have to have a do at killin all of you on summet or probably not.
  • Now I must say two things here. First off is that Juiced 2 does look a very good game and I would get it if I had the spare cash.
    However, I don't quite understand why so many people are taking digs at the new NFS.
    OK granted, it's gone away from the street scene but come on, it's EA people. Do you honestly think they will have done that if they weren't absolutely positive that the game can live up to expectations?
    Now look at it this way, it can't be any worse than Carbon can it? They need another hit as their last best game was Most Wanted which is like er two years ago is it?
    I think Pro Street could be it. Especially once you get it online. Once again, it's EA, they know about Online. Just look at the likes of FIFA 08 and whatnot.
    I think this game will be worth the money, but that's my personal thinking of course.

    I'm guessing everybody is assuming Pro Street is bad because of the demo? Well it IS a demo. Not all demos are as good as the R&C one are they?
    Personally I thought the FIFA 08 demo was bad, but the full game is brilliant, so there you go, I've just proved my point. So there :p lol :laugh:

  • my mate is a game tester down in brighton so ive had some info from him but my personalreason is needfor speed physics and styling on a style of track and game that requires maybe a little more realism i think theyve tried to merge 2 differant styles of racing games that shouldnt be mixed like grasnturismo meets nfs, however i will rent the game to sample it you never now might even buy it ?
  • Well, like I said, it can't be worse than Carbon can it? As long as they have the option to change the controls from analog stick to d-pad, that's all I'm bothered about. If they can do that then it will be much much much much MUCH better for both me and my brother as we prefer the d-pad for racing games. Using the left analog stick is just well plain weird as it's too easy to mess up the controlling of your car where as cars are easier to control with the d-pad. That's what we both think anyway :confused:

    Personally though, Pro Street would only be tiding me over until Burnout comes out as the Burnout games are ALWAYS a LOT better than the NFS games. The new Burnout looks absolutely unbelievable. I just wish they'd hurry up and release the darn game or, at the very least, release a demo on the Store :frown:
  • isee dpad eh old style i used to hardcore on the dpad until ps2 came out i never got in to it on ps1 but i havent really tried it since ill have to give it a bash, burnout ive never purchased it but played it at my mates a few times i quite liked the ramp of destruction where it goes bullet time and you just blow stuff up that was class. ill have to have a look at the new one.