• i dont have broadban i live 7 miles away from the exchange
    i have a download speed of about 1.5kbp/s with dia up can i download things for a ps3 of the internet?
    can i store it on a cd? my computer doesnt do dvd burning
    can i put it on my ps3 from a cd?
    can i use dial up on my ps3?
  • Unfortunately, James, you are out of luck in using dial up- you cannot connect the Ps3 online this way.

    At the moment the only items that can be downloaded specifically for the PS3 via your computer are firmware updates and themes for the XMB. Sometime in 2008, however, Sony will have a PC-based PlayStation Store where you would be able to purchase other items that are available in the PS3's store.

    You would be able to use CD-ROMs for transferring the stuff over but I would recommend grabbing a cheap USB thumb drive for this sort of operation.