• [b]I was chatting to a few friends over the weekend about GT 1 & 2. To my suprise none of them had much of a breeze about car set-up. They thought that once you put on loads of downforce your sorted.
    Not the case I had to tell them. Some courses I run with very little downforce as I feel it's not needed. I spoke about suspension, camber & how I can only think of one use for toe.

    I'm setting this up to help anyone who wishes to better themself 'cause I'm sure there are a lot of you who are wondering why you can't beat some of the times posted.

    Some of us are good on certain courses & some of us know the best set-up for most courses. But we all have different driving styles & I like a very stiff set-up 'cause I love to feel every bump but sometimes it can get scary.

    Magic & Squanto sound to me like they know there stuff & I'm sure they'll join me in perfecting the race car.

    I'm crap at the rally stages. Well when I say crap I mean I'm nowhere as good as I am on the road.

    Anyway post your questions here & I'll see what I can do ;)
  • I have to admit to never touching the settings because i have no idea as to what any of them mean! I just buy to increase my HP and thats about it!! So, well any help would be of use i suppose! And as for rally i am utterly useless, in fact i reverted to throwing my Escudo around some of the rally tracks in order to win!

    One thing that i would like to know actually is once you've fitted an Intercooler does that mean you can no longer increase the turbo?
  • [b]BarOChoc - i SOO wish you had started this a month ago ;)

    Fluffy - an intercooler acts like a fridge - it chills the air comming into the car so that as it runs though the motor it give the turbo much "thicker" air to drive into the engine (thicker as in more since air "thins" as it heats)
  • i reset the stabilizers to 1 in the front and 7 in the rear on my R33 Dragster.
  • [b]Camber makes alters the "footprint" of the car making it wider (or narrower) altering the camber can give you more grip on the road thus improving stability and cornering.

    Damper Bound is the rate at which your suspension springs down under braking/bouncy roads/cornering.
  • Oh my God I've been away people & I couldn't wait to get back & check out the forums.
    Looks like Majik has it covered anyway!
    Good work man ;)
    I just noticed one thing you must have missed! :o
    Juggleknot was asking about Toe! Now I'm not 100% sure but I'm sure you can back me up or correct me!

    Basically it drove me mental for months 'cause it was the only part of the set-up where no matter how much I increased or decreased it, I noticed no difference!
    Basically in order to provide stable tracking, all four tires are usually pointed slightly inwards.
  • [b]BarO'

    all that you have said is on the money but the place where you really notice the effect of toe is on MR cars - setting the front wheels at a negative (-0.10 or -0.15) and the rear wheels slightly positive makes cars such as the gt-one, GT40 etc much more chuckable - the result is later braking and more agressive cornering

  • I dont know where you even can adjust the toe. But if i did i would dominate even more, or so it sounds. can anyone help?
  • [b]Jay

    you can adjust the toe in the car settings before a race as long as you have the most expensive suspension package for you car
  • Cool i can do that. Youre awesome majik. And about thye car setup, its better to have better handling than more hp because if you think about it, most tracks are mostly turns. So if you do better on the majority of the track you should win. See what im saying?
  • what i do is buy a viper buy the stuff that cost the most and test it 285mph
  • I haven't a clue about "LSD" and "Gear Ratio" or for that matter anything about the tuning.

    All I do is buy everything in the tune section of a car (which on average for every car is 350,000cr), then I can adjust the hp for the different races.

    I have nearly all my cars tuned up to the max hp, but I have noticed that most of them are crap at turning when I have brought all the Brake controllers and Stabilizers and the Traction control.


    I could ask millions of other questions but these are the ones annoying me most.

    And please don't explain like the way they do in the game as I don't have a clue what they are talking about.:(
  • [b]Billy

    there is a little bit on LSD further up this thread - if is not enough for you let me know and i will try to provide further assistance

    Gear Ratios

    basically this allows you to alter how fast you car will go and how quickly it will accelerate.
  • Thanx Majik, I shall go now and check on what u said.The way u said it just there is much easier to understand than the way it said it on the game or instruction manual.:)