Tiger Woods 2008 PS3
  • Can anyone help me??? I have tried so many times the codes and they are not working!!!!!
    Does anyone knows if you have to do something different or if they do not work on the PS3???

    please help....

    Cheat: Cheat List
    Head to the in-game passwords screen (found off of the Options menu). Then, insert the following passwords for the desired result...

    CLEVELAND - Cleveland Golf-related items unlocked
    ALLSTARS - Unlock all golfers
    GUYSAREGOOD - Precept-related items unlocked
    INTHEGAME - EA-related items unlocked
    JANNARD - Oakley-related items unlocked
    JLINDBERG - J. Lindberg-related items unlocked
    JUSTDOIT - Nike-related items unlocked
    JUSTSHAFTS - Grafalloy-related items unlocked
    LIGHTNING - PGA Tour-related items unlocked
    MACTEC - MacGergor-related items unlocked
    MRADAMS - Taylormade-related items unlocked
    NOTJUSTTIRES - Bridgestone-related items unlocked
    RIHACHINRIZO - Mizuno-related items unlocked
    SHOJIRO - Bridgestone-related items unlocked
    SNAKEKING - Cobra-related items unlocked
    SOLHEIM - Ping-related items unlocked
    TENGALLONHAT - Members of crowd have big heads
    THREESTRIPES - Buick-related items unlocked
  • Those codes may only be for the PlayStation 2 version of the game. Here are a few codes that were submitted for the PS3 version:

    Cream - infinite money

    PlayFIFA08 - unlocks Wayne Rooney

    Greensfees - unlocks all the courses

    Allstars - unlocks all the golfers