• My fastest car was my Suzuki Escudo which topped out at 249mph. This car cost me a pretty penny though as it was 2,000,000cr. It was 981hp and it was a full race car and was 4wd with offroad tires. My 2nd fastest car was the drag car that i won. It had 1011hp and topped out at 240mp because it couldn't do turns at high speeds.
  • madhtr, this thread in the Notice Board has a load of stuff about the top scores, see if your times compare to them!

    EDIT: I took out the link because for some reason it goes too the G-Project forum, what the ****?

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  • I see where you're talking about in the notice board but that url takes you into the g-project section.
  • On the original theres a car called the
  • Madhrt the toyota gt-one ive gotten to top out at 289 the only difference between the escudo and the gt-one is the cost and the escudo starts of faster and has like 5 more hp if the one is soupe up all the way
  • My fastest car is the gt one road car. the escudo is a little faster and gets a better start. But racing with the escudo feels almost like cheating its so easy to win with.
  • I had a camero that topped out at about 294. I'm pretty sure I had gotten a game glitch or something like that. I haven't been able to do that again. My memory card went haywire once and deleted everything on it.
  • My fastest car is my glitch car. My Lancer Evolution VI. It has 1880 hp. Top speed 307mph.
  • my fastest car is
  • Ye Rite, That's impossible
  • i think the fastes car is za Dodge Viper not costum its nice and fast
    the other is the cheverligh corvet 67
  • muh fastest car is the escuda pikes peeak.man that thing is fast.i didnt kno about it till muh friend used it against me. man he sure burned muh ass. he used a gameshark than maxes out the escudo's speed its so damn fast.
  • [b]Yes it is, but after you uses it a few times it begins to feel like your cheating because there is no competition.
  • i have a subaru rally edition. it is the best on dirt races. it spins out very eaisly and it cost me 500,000 credits
  • my fastest cars are the toyota gt-one and the escudo pikes peak version.I forgot how fast they are.I know one can go around 250.There good cars once you get um.


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