• I have a PSP .I was at a checkpoint in the new game swat .Then it went to save mode and I got this message that I don't have a Memory card .I have a 1 gig card in my psp .Now I have this blinking light on the left side that will not go off .It just keep on blinking .I took out the data card and ran it on my computer and all the files are there .I am so confused.I am glad I came across this site I have been looking all day trying to figer out this problem .It been driving me nuts .I even put my 32mb that came with the system in and it will not stop blinking .I could use someone help .Thanks Guys .I tryed to format the disk in the psp but it is not showing up .
  • I had this problem before- you may have some dirt on the contacts of the memory card and the system is having trouble reading it. You may want to try giving it a bit of a wipe with a soft cloth.

    If that does not work it may be the card slot itself, in which case you will have to contact Sony about a possible repair job/ replacement. If the PSP is under a year old you are covered under warranty and it won't cost a thing.
  • Well I clean the card and it still say no memory.I did get it for Christmas last year.But I don't know where .So I don't know if it will be out of date .Knowing Sony it probly will be .I wounder how my other people have had this problem .This seam kind of weard .
  • Well, you could try telling them you got it as a gift but cannot get the receipt.

    One other possibility is dirt in the slot itself.