• can you tell me what 8013013e means as this is what keeps coming up on ps3 when i am trying to set up connection
  • They really need to start using plain ol' english when giving these errors, don't they? :mad:

    That error means there is something in your security settings that is keeping the PS3 from connecting. You may have to put your PS3 into the router's DMZ to get around it. To do this put an IP address into the PS3's settings that will be in the router's range but high enough not to conflict with your PC or anything else on your network, then use that same IP to identify the PS3 as being in the DMZ in your router settings. Once done and settings are set you may need to power down the router for about 30 seconds and then turn it on again.
  • cheers for the info i am now up and running :p ;) :)