When I go to logon to the internet it says "application not supported"
  • The only way I can go online is to select the option to run the plug-in and then once that starts I have to erase the web address and type the one I want to go to in ands it brings me to the web page I am looking for
  • Sounds like you have a web page set up as your start that has a plug in needed the PS3's browser doesn't have. Try setting yourself up a new start page (maybe us? ;) ) and see if that changes anything.
  • I never set up a home webpage that that what it went to when I turned it on and when I choose the plugin it takes me to the playstation store. How do I change homepage?
  • go to browser then go to tools, home page
    type in home page e.g. www.absolute-playstation.com
    press okay then badaboom! that's your home page