• I found this little leaflet in my gt2 booklet that said something like
    "Rub the label of the GT mode disc for the official pit smell"
    My disc didn't smell like the pit, does anybody's disc actually smell like the pit? (if you're gonna try, rub the label with a cloth or finger, but don't scratch it).

    I'd be very interested to know if it really did smell...
  • [b]I think it just smells like engine oil - but hell my sense of smell has been screwed up for years ;)

  • mine smelt quite strongly when new altough it's started to wear off now, and you have to rub it for longer to get the full pit, smell.
  • So it does smell, they should do that with all games. Maybe i need to rub harder.
    Thanks guys.
  • Geez, KiLLa, you should already know that when you're not getting results you need to rub harder.
  • Mine smelt like Bakewell Tarts. That scared me. That scared me alot. My friends one smells pitish, more of an aeroplane hanger.
  • [b]The smell of the GT2 disc is the exact same smell that you get when you have been welding steel and take the angle-grinder and finish off any 'pigeon sh!t' splats from your work.

    mmmmmmmmmm, high spinning disc on cold steel, now that's the makings of a good project :)
  • I thought it was a joke at first but it's not too far off
  • No My gt2 disk didn't smell anything like the pits. But when my friend rubs his he can smell the pits.