• On GT2 when i go onto any Jaguar cars the game freezes, does anyone else has this problem? The game is not chipped and was brought from Game.
  • sorry mate - i have never experienced this
  • That's ok my game won't let me tune or buy rims for any bmw car I buy. When i try to buy new rims the screen just says "Your car cannot participate in this race" or something like that.
  • You can`t buy mag wheels for any Beemer, this is not a fault with the game.
  • That sucks. Why can't you buy rims for any BMW?
  • BMW wheels are a trademark (even though they look crap) so you cant change them in GT2

    but why would anyone want a BMW - when you can have a RUF :biggrin:
  • try to buy a different car each time and then you might find the one it will let you buy
  • i bought a few Jag's without any problems, must be your game.
    I havn't bought any BMW's, they're too slow to accelerate and bulky. RUF's are the best, especially the CTR2 sport. It kicks arse and i havn't put any turbo in it yet.
  • Hello, the only problems I have with the Jags is that it shows the wrong hP. Also, they're no good.
  • Jags are crap & too heavy. But they look very nice ;)

    I'd love to get the M3, M5, M Roadster & the Z8 into the game. These cars are supreme & would kick ass straight out of the wrapper. Tweek them up a bit & you'd be in a league of your own........

    I wan't Beemers!!!!! :(
  • no i have never experienced this problem. is your disc scrached heavly? that could be the problem
  • My game idn't freeze when I raced with Jaguar...(Well except a little experience that I made with it...)
  • The Jaguars are fast and powerful but that's all , I never use them cause they are twitchy on the bends