• I beat silent hill, got the good+ ending, but where are the secret items?
    I saved at the end and the save says Next Fear.
    I tried looking in the locked room of the house and no luk.
    Please help!!!!!!! :(
  • Read the walkthrough on this site :thumbsup: You should find a katana in the house you mentioned
  • I beleive you also get the Channeling Stone in the 7-Eleven (or whatever it is) near to where the jeep got wrecked at the start of the game.
    Oh yeah, & look for a gas can in the garage by the church. This is for the chainsaw or the rock drill.
  • Thanks a lot guys!! :thumbsup:
  • You can get the Sword by getting to Levin house( the place with DOG HOUSE) there go to the door to your right and you'll can have acess to this door. After that pick a sword there :2devilish: