Gran Turismo 2!!!
  • i've played GT2 for about a week and completed about 30%.. i was just wondering what cars youcan get(like the secret ones)...cheers.:mad:
  • Hey Mumbagoo, I had great fun playing GT2, to the point where I've got 3 memory cards full of cars! So either I liked this game, or I had WAY too much time on my hands! Currently, I'm playing GT3, an experience I recommend to everyone! :P

    Anyhow, check out Gordon Bower's complete prize car list for GT2 here. It's a little daunting to go through, there's SO many cars, but it's well worth looking at.

    Have fun playing!!!
  • Well Mumbagoo!
    Some cars you should have are the Suzuki Escudo, Alfa Romeo, RUF CTR2Sport and the Audi TTLm, yhey are my Favourite cars by far and Good luck in the game! :thumbsup:
  • I recommend the Suzuki Escudo. It is fast, light, and has great handling. :thumbsup:
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