• I have been playing for a few days with the new update (ie 2.01) and had no problems. But yesterday my system was on standby and I put in my Madden 08 disk, the system would not start properly and has not since. I can turn on from the back and the green light turns on, but other than the disk drive nothing actually starts. None of the usb ports work or anything. I have tried leaving the system off for like a day, but problem still persists. Also tried the 'reset' feature of holding the power button but system will not reset, just turns off.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really don't want to have to send the system back to be replaced.
  • Can you get it to eject the disc? If you could get the disc out and start the system up first maybe then things will work normally. If not, you may not have a choice other than contacting Sony about a replacement.
  • Yes, I can eject the disc with no problems, the whole disc part of the system seems to work fine. I can put in and remove any disc I want, but whether a disc is in or out, the system will not actually start
  • After you turn it off hold down the button when turning it back on until you hear several quick beeps to reset it.

    Does the system recognize the discs (you see the icon for Madden 08 in the Game menu when it's put in)?
  • I have tried the reset approach, but the system appears not to reset as it should, it just turns straight off again, without the beeps.

    And I cannot tell if the system is recognizing the discs as nothing is being output on the screen, it is as though when i turn the ps3 on, only the disc tray is booted up and not the actual system itself.
  • If you are absolutely sure your connections are all in place securely and nothing was changed on the tv itself you will have to contact Sony, as much as you do not want to. Chances are good you will have no choice but to send the system in.