Music freezing in gt1
  • [b]I have not had any problems with my music.
  • Yeah I think this happend to me as well, all I did was turn the music off and I had no further problems. Come to think of it my music didn't freeze so much as skipped. Can't remember exactly, been a long time since I played GT1. I'm thinking it wasn't the game so much as the console itself, it was getting kinda old when this started.
  • The music skipped a little on mine in license test mode. The problem was fixed using a CD repairer due to a number of scratches. It took two attempts before the license mode finally worked again
  • well thats very interesting! thanks for the replies people i think it may just be the age of my playstation. i'll try changing memory cards and tracks. it seems to be blocking up on the song "sweet 16". once again thanks!
  • BJ,
    I have a feeling that some of the problems associated with games not loading/working properly may be due to older PSX's having trouble reading scratched discs. I base this on 5 games I have that were scratched a few years ago but worked fine but now these games are close to unplayable. 4 out of the five discs now work quite well after using a CD scratch repairer.

    Maybe, as the PS1/PSX get a little older, the laser has more trouble reading the discs and scratches don't help a great deal either.[/b]

    I wrote the above in a different thread, thought it would be relevant here too.
  • thanks digger!

    i will try a disc cleaner on my cd even though it is not scratched. there may be scratches on it that i can't see.

    that or i will just have to hope that my parents will get me a ps2 for my birthday!

  • well i say it's not the system couse i had had my psx aever since it cam out and it never messed up on me and i got that game right before i got my ps2! B)
  • maybe it isnt my console then :-) :ph34r:
  • The music never froze on me. Don't know what your problem is , but I hope it can be fix easily baker