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    [drupal=266]Stoned Again...[/drupal]

    I told myself that I wouldn't do it again. I mean, the last time was out of control. Sprawled out on the floor... crying... acting like a baby. If you can't handle something, then you shouldn't do it. Willpower. That's what I've always said. But some things you just can't resist. When your body says, "Let's do this", it really doesn't matter what your mind says...
  • hahahahahahahahaha thats pretty deep for just a spliff, hell you ever tried anything stronger i bet that'd be funny. How come you where crying ?
  • sfjp@hotmail.co.uk said:
    thats pretty deep for just a spliff...How come you where crying ?

    Uhh... apparently you didn't read deep enough into the blog. You've gotten the wrong idea. That, or else maybe you've never had to pee rocks before.:eek:
  • sorry mate got mixed up and thank the lord ive never had to p*** rocks
  • jeez chris that sounds horrible!! Ive heard all about them when i was training but have never met someone who has had to pass them!! A pharmacist i worked with had his zapped with ultrasound so he didnt have to go through it all

    i had visions of when Joey from friends had one