• What is your favorite car. Mine is the S2000GT1. It has only 577hp, but handles well and has good top end speed.
  • I guess I was partial to my Special Edition Suzuki Escudo. I guess because of the good handling and nice speed and it had 981hp.
  • Mine is the Cerbera Limited Edition it handles aswome and is fast.
  • Mine are Special Edition Suzuki Escudo & Jaguar xj20.
  • I like a beefed
  • [b]RUF is a German tuning house that specialises in taking cars of a certain manufacturer and turning them into true road racers.
  • That's what i thought. In a PS magazine, it said RUF was an imaginary company they put in to replace Porche.
  • My favourite is the subaru impeza but they are all rip roaring monster machines.:biggrin:
  • mine is the Special Edition Suzuki Escudo. i also like the ford GT40 - good handling. in arcade mode i like to use the RUF. do they use the name RUF because the couldnt get the porche licence or because they are better than normal porches?

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  • My favorite car is the Alfa Romeo 155 Touring car even it only has 560+hp but you can push this car to its very limit you can beat up cars up to 800+hp with these....
  • The escudo is too easy to use and is therefore no fun. I prefer the special model Trampion Travio (or something) FTO.
  • Gemballa was another Porsche modifier, though I'm not sure if they still exist.

    My favorite car is the Subaru Imprezza
  • Hi.

    My favorite is the Mini-Cooper. Fully loaded it only makes about 180HP, but with a little suspension tuning it drives like a slotcar!

    If you can't beat the Muscle Cars at Seattle by at least 10 seconds, you just aren't trying...

    Another good one is the Mazda Protog
  • My favourite car is the Escudo.I also like then CTR2 and any of the RX-7's(they look cool) :2spin:
  • My favorite car is the Suzuki Escudo and the Suzuki Cultus.
  • i go a lot of car's i like one is a 1967 dodge charger 2nd is a 1998 prowler w/ thehood and trunck black and the rest of the car red and 3rd car is a dodge viper and kind but a 2002
  • mine is the viper i love those i just love ther speed
  • my favorite was the special version suzuki escudo pikes peak version cause it was 4wheel drive, a good rally or street car, good handling, the best speed, and power. my next favorite was the unisia jecs skyline. :2spin:
  • My Favourite car in gt1 is the subaru rally edition. this works the best on dirt roads and it almost always does'nt spin out.

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