No Colour When Play
  • Hi,

    I would to know why there is no colour (only black n white) when i play games with my PS2..
    For your information, i bought this console in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, n now i'm in it have different setting or the RCA cable problem??..hopefully u can help me to solve this matter..thank you very much..

  • The PS2s found in Malaysia are possibly not quite compatible with tv sets in the UK. Malaysia uses PAL B as a television standard while the UK uses PAL I- they may both be PAL but sometimes the different versions are not completely compatible.
  • so, do u have any idea or ways to solve the problem?..btw, thanks for ur answer..
  • The normal connection in the UK for lo-def play is a SCART connection. You may want to try that and see if that helps things. Other than that the only suggestion i have is (if your tv has it) is try using the PS2 component cables (which will net you a somewhat better picture).