• i need a car at no greater than 345hp for the m/r race but the ones i have r way two high any one help
  • flloyd
    there are several cars you can buy to compete in this race - MGF and MR2 are examples

    But in order to be successful the best bets are the Ford GT40 (very expensive) or the Venturi Atlantique 300 (just expensive) - you can do minor modifications to either and still be inside the hp limit and both, when set up right (toe in the front wheels to -10 and toe out the rear to +5), are very drivable cars

    enjoy your victory :)
  • cheers mate i will try it in the morn,
  • The ford GT40 is a good choice for those races.
  • Definately agree with Sam and Majik the GT40 is marvelous take it to Seattle .... uh...luv it!
  • i have the gt40 but bugger me if i can win at the lugua sect (or wat ever) i keep loseing it at the horrible bend
  • after the 'second' climb be sure to release the accellerator, and you should be on the righthand side of the road !! then steer to the inside of the left turn and the inside of the right turn in one straight line .... (i know its hard ) only brake in this straight line until you reach the inside of the left turn, when you touch ground again accelarate full but beware of the next left turn.

    good luck ! :)
  • Hey Guys!
    Correct me if I'm wrong.....
    Isn't the Lotus Elise MR!!!!!!!
    Has anyone raced the MotorSports Elise?????
    Wooooooaaaaah she's like a bulit. Not tooooo bad in a straght line but when you master the light rear end she's unbeatable! She might be less than 345HP but she'll destroy anything in that class (GUARANTED)

    Try it!!! Or buy an Elise & upgrade it all the way. :-)
  • You are right , but I like the 135 better then the MSElise ... it handles better ...