What is the best way to win on gt2?
  • i have been trying for ages to win in Gran turismo2
    Please help Me someone
  • someone? :cry:
  • How 'bout posting some more info as to exactly what you need help with. :angry: Winning in GT2 can mean so many things.
  • what would be the best car to start off with?????
  • the nissan silvia is good car to start with - its cheap and easy to boost in power to over 300 bhp

    with little machine you can easily win the trail mountain enduro race and start to build yourself a mountain of cash - use this to by the escudo and win everything.

  • thanks Majik i will try it in the morning!
  • I bought a mazda protege that was good.
  • i have started 2 games. each with one of these cars.i will then see which one runs better. thanks everyone.