• ok i have the million dollar question....i finished gt2 100% a few months ago and one of the cars i won, in which race im not sure was a lancia stratos.....i have just finished it 100% for the second time and i did not win the stratos.....you cannot buy the car anywhere so i deinatly won the car...ive gone back and won the races again that i thought i might have won it in, but i cant find it... ive won it in different types of cars too....dose it matter which car you win the races in as to what car you win?? i dont think so....so if you can answer this one ill be very appriciative.
  • [b]Stratos is won in one of the endurance races - can remember off hand which one - will check it out tho

    car is worth 75, 000 i seem to recall :)
  • ok guys i have found somehting preety interesting with that apricot hill race....i did it in the tigra ice race car and won a viper gts....not the stratos...then i did it again in the ford gt40 and won my stratos...so it seems you win different cars,,,i tried to find a pattern but i cant bee sure of it yet....dose anyone no how this works??
  • You are right in some challenges you win different cars at random for Seattle its the escort rally car or the ford GT90 and for apricot hill its either the Viper GTS-R or the Lancia Stratos... some championships offer a random of 5! cars!


  • Supergrover!

    You have to race Apricot hill & depending on what you race with you'll win a:

    Viper GTS-R
    Arta GT-R GT 99

    Keep tryin' ;)
  • kewl...what car did you do it in to get the arta gtr gt 99
  • You get the Arta gtr gt in the gt500 not the apricot endur. race. The arta is a lot like the unisia jecs gtr gt. Same hp same weight. The only thing different is the body style a little and the paint job. Thats it.
  • Ive done that endurance race three times to win the viper gts. Every time with different cars and I won the stratos every time.
  • In all the Indurance races there are random prize cars:

    -GRAND VALLEY 300km-
    [R]Subaru Impreza Rally Car
    [R]1997 Nissan R390 GT-1

    -APRICOT HILL 200km-
    [R]Viper GTS-R
    Lancia Stratos

    [R]Escort Rally Car
    [R]Ford GT90 Concept Car

    -LAGUNA SECA 200 Miles-
    [R]Mitsubishi GTO 3000GT LM Edition
    [R]Toyota Celica Rally

    [R]Corolla Rally Car '97
    [R]Toyota Altezza LM

    -TRIAL MOUNTAIN 30 Laps-
    [R]Denso-Sard Toyota Supra GT '99

    [R]Lancer Evolution VI Rally Car '99
    [R]TVR Cerbera LM

    *Hope this helps you where to find them lost cars:)*

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