• when competing in an endurance race, is it absolutely necessary to make pit stops?
  • Ive tried to but soon after they turn dark red you pretty much spin out on every turn or hit the wall. Thats what happend to me.Hey thanks for telling about the edit I didnt remember seeing that in the rules.
  • [b]If you are driving the Escudo - well you dont need to change the tyres - not really but it helps - in pretty much anything else if you want to keep the car on the road - without driving ultra-cautiously - then its a good idea to change the tyres - normal tyres can do around 30 laps - then this shortens down to the super soft slicks which are good for about 6-7 laps
  • I think pit stops on endur. races are very necessary. you can tell that you car is losing control and speed at about yellow tires. Once they get to dark orange and red it is very hard to control the car. I usually pit about at light orange.
  • [b]Yeah I love to use the soft slicks 'cause it gives the rest a chance to play catch up when your in the pits.
    I usually do 7 - 10 laps on them!!!!

    I do find that 1 or 2 laps before you're due to come in you allways get better straight line speed & the car seems to acelerate a lot better than normal.
    Maybe it's got to do with less tire friction 'cause they're more worn, but then you should lose grip on the corners which I never experienced!!! :confused:
  • I found that I was going losing a couple of seconds on my lap time making me slower when they are worn.
  • I agre with SpeedDemon on this one. I just havent experienced going faster with worn tires and never will BarOChoc
  • Tyre changes do help on super soft I always pull in to the pits between 8-12 laps but it depends on your car set up & how hard you drive;)
  • You can go the longest without changing your tires with a four wheel drive can. With the escudo
  • Yeah 4wd cars to get more laps to the set for the simple reason that on 4wd cars you dont get sideways that much and there is less tire spinning.
  • On the Trial Mountain 30 laps, I didn't pit and the opponent caught up 10 laps after taking their pitstop.
  • I've got a challenge for you, win the grand valley 30 lap enduro, in a mini (use the special if you want), without pitting for tires. try to beat my time of 46:52:748
  • [b]Well, Alfa, (love your handle, as I'm partial to the make), doing GV in a Mini certainly sounds like a nutty endeavor!:D
  • That is one wacky challenge.Welcome to the Forums AlfaRomeo..........BTW, did you win the Grand Valley in the Mini?
  • i dont !! they are hard those dang pit stops
  • pit stops are nessasary in endurance races because your car loses control and spins out after about every 17th lap.I pit after about the 16th lap because my car spins out heaps after that. :wave:
  • I'm sorry to say with most cars it's necassary.You're right at about every ten to fifteen laps you gotta change um or you will spin at every turn.I hate it to but it pays off in the end.


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  • It doen't seem to help any thing so I just keep on rollin, rolling you know what I mean right?
  • i think you should pit couse it will help your car and plus it will give it a little brake from gouing so fast...(yes Masterman i know what you mean keep on rollin, rolling ,rollin, rolling rolling!)
  • Pit stops aren't that necessary cuase by the time you need one your about 3 laps ahead of everyone and there's no chance of them catching you by then