Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone PS1
  • Hey there, I was wondering if anyone could help me?

    I'm having a problem with HP at the moment. I can't get through the forbidden corridor; I manage the first few sections. Then just after Snape and Filch talk, and Mrs. Norris is around, I get stuck.

    The problem happens when Harry walks through a door, and he's on a higher part of the next room. Across from him is a ledge (with an invisibility cloak hovering on it) and below him is a bookshelf and Mrs. Norris pacing the floor. After the ledge is another high part which Filch is pacing across (the next door is behind him, I think); How do I get to the ledge?

    Also, I've seen some players talk about visiting Diagon Alley; When does that happen in the game?

    Sorry about all the questions, hope you can help :-)

    ~Witch isit
  • You should be able to just jump across and go through the door. Go through the door at the end of the passage and run up to the wall of the pillar. Stop here, make sure no one is watching, then climb up the bookcase to grab the invisibility token. Climb another bookcase to get the key and head through the door. After going through the next two doors you'll find the mirror of erised.

    Diagon Alley comes up soon after this- you have to help Ron defeat a mountain troll first.