• Hey, my little boy is stuck on the novice level. He is 8 and he has gotten as far as retrieving Olympus' sword and going inside Kratos. After he drains all the energy and gets to the top with the suspended rope he can not get any further. We have gone to the top of the rope and cut the rope but he either falls to his death or falls back into Kratos. We can't seem to get out of here. Please help, he's driving me crazy!!

  • If there is some scaffolding above him when getting to the top of the rope hitting X should have Kratos jump up and grab hold to climb up.
  • It sounds like you are early in the game? I think you are actually inside of Colossus, not Kratos. Where exactly, I'm not so sure? Sounds like maybe the head?

    Do you see a pair of eyes with blue energy beams coming out of them? They should be blocking you from crossing a rope that stretches across horizontally.

    If this is the case, then there is a lever that you must pull to lower a pendulum. Once it is lowered, strike it several times to get it moving. As it swings, it will block the beam coming from the eyes. You must time your crossing the rope with the pendulum as it blocks the beams to pass this area. However, it will not swing forever so you must be swift!

    I hope this helps? If this is not where you are stuck, you will have to be more specific and we'll try to get you out!
  • Thank you so much. This is exactly where we are. We tried crossing the beam but the energy orb kept knocking us back. I am sure the lever is exactly what we should be looking for.