• Hello everyone,

    I used to play Oblivion on the PC with all of the extra content and downloads. I am currently playing Oblivion GoTY edition on the PS3 and was wondering if I there is down loadable content for the PS3 version of OBlivion.

    I really miss having the ship hidden in the cave in anvil and the vampire lair. . . ohhhh can't remember its location (I have been awhile since I played the PC version). And I miss a few other little details. I still love the game but it would be cool to have the additional stuff.


    Lostfol :D
  • Just this week in the PlayStation Store Bethesda has made available the Shivering Isles expansion pack. It will set you back 30 bucks (plus any applicable taxes). This is, i believe, the last planned download for all versions of the game.
  • Thank you. I check it out.
  • doesnt goty edition already have shivering isles?