Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Planet Kortog
  • Planet Kortog help with swinging through the docks HeLLLLLLLLPPPP Needed Please! Hi all, rookie R&C player, can't get through this level, any help or suggestions greatly appreciated! Do they have a hint or tips book for this game on ps3? Thanks!
  • What portion of the swingshot sections is giving you problems, mowjoe? There are several places for using it.
  • hi need help in the fight arena on planet mukow cant seem to get through this are there any tips or quick ways through this stage as i just seem to be getting slaughtered got a lot of weapons maxed out which helps but still seems well hard to pass this stage of the game been back and fourth to other planets to gain stuff for upgrades etc also is there anything else in the voron asteroid belt apart from blowing up the skull craft time and time again.thanks in advance for any assistance .keith
  • Mowjow, what portion of this is giving you the trouble? When you jump and hit the weapon button it should automaticaly switch you over to the swingshot- just keep the button held down until you want to let go. When you need multiple swings just let go and hit the button again as you et to the top of the swing to make like the amazing spider-ratchet.

    Keith- i left some tips in the other post you made regarding the battle arena. B)
  • cheers they helped alot eventualy got through the game and even beat the final boss the second time around is even better because you can tike weapons to higher levels and whoop the baddies even easier cheers keith.