question about joining party invite
  • playing rainbow six vegas, or call of duty 4, online mulitplayer - there are "some" users who cannot join a party I host and also if that player hosts a prty I cannot join. Whats the deal? Some of my friends online say it's my modem. Using 3 mg broadband connection wired/modem (speedstream 5200) sharing with my Dell PC using Vista operating system.
  • Do you use a router to share the connection or is it a direct hookup to the modem? The trouble joining bit sounds like the incoming traffic is being blocked due to certain ports being closed.
  • i'm not using a router. i switch the modem from the ps3 to the computer when i need to
  • Did a quick search about the Speedstream 5200 and it turns out to be a router and modem both. The reasons for the blocking could well be certain ports not being open, possibly the firewall blocking things or other possible causes. This manual for the Speedstream modems should help you in checking the various settings. In all likelihood opening the specified ports for the game should do the trick.
  • thanx for the help gonna take a look right now
  • This manual is not specific enough to be helpful. Maybe I don't know the right question.

    This is not an all inclusive cannot join problem, there are specific player/s that cannot join if I host, neither can I join if that same player/s are the host. There are, what I call "neutral player/s" that can host a game so that we can all join, but if none of the neutral players are online, we're sol. Thats what makes this so frustrating. Any other suggestions?
  • It may well be a setting that those specific players have and not yourself at all. One last thing you could try is to put your PS3 into the router/ modem's DMZ, which places the system outside of the protection of the firewall. If that doesn't work you may have to quiz up the tech support at Activision itself about it.