posting problems?
  • i keep trying to post a new thread or i think thats what im trying to do or is it a post? no idea anyway :redface: it basicly keep's telling me i cant restictions i think it says.WHY NOT? :confused:
  • Certain sections are set up so that only staff can make new threads. These are the Game Comments sections for PS2 and PS3 games as well as the Forum News, Announcements, Downloads, etc. You can still reply to threads in the Game Comments sections but this is "moderated" meaning posts have to be approved by a staff member before everyone can see it.

    General discussion regarding games can be done in the PlayStation Discussion area.
  • right,so how do i go about starting a new disscusion?
  • Just as you did here- click the button saying "New Thread" near the top of the forum and start typing! B)
  • Right i think im starting to get the hang off this,your just so great.:D